Sunday, December 1, 2013

Housewarming Sunday OOTD

I was at my cousin and her fiancé's new house, which was pretty flipping awesome and very non-Asian of our family to do.

Anyway, I was pretty bored; everyone else was downstairs and I was hiding from them because there were too many people to handle. I stayed upstairs in their 'multi-purpose' room and touched every make-up thing that my cousin had. Then I took my OOTD pic, because why not.

Okay wow this picture is worse than I had thought. Hopefully you can sorta see what I'm wearing, and please don't make fun of my yaoi fingers :u

Here, I have a hounds-tooth blazer on, sleeves rolled up, over a blue and gray striped crop top with a black tank under. Regular jeans and black socks, because we're asians and we take off our shoes before we step inside a house. I'm also using my new bag from Forever 21 that I got from Black Friday shopping, yay!

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