Saturday, December 14, 2013

Annual Drugstore Clearance Sale

You may or may not know already, but CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens are having their end of the year product purge, putting things that no one wants anymore on clearance. For more details, I recommend checking out nouveaucheap's many posts regarding this topic.

Anyway, the other day I stopped by a CVS, and was pleasantly surprised to see the clearance sale going on. My local drugstores are very slow with just about everything, so I hadn't expected the clearance items to be marked already.

Here's some of the marked displays I saw.
Pictured: Select shades of L'Oreal nail polishes marked

Pictured: Almost all shades of Revlon Duo nail polish things marked. These are probably going to be discontinued :(

Pictured: Select shades of Covergirl lip glosses. I don't care for lip gloss, so I didn't pick any up.

Pictured: Covergirl nail polishes. I never really got into these either... I guess Covergirl isn't really my thing.

Most of the "good" stuff was taken (There were two colors of those Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains marked, both were all gone.) but if you looked hard enough, maybe you'd find something you want. 

Here's what I picked up. (The cookies weren't on clearance. Still delicious, though)

Pictured: Shit I bought with a filter because I posted this on Instagram already.

The L'Oreal nail polish was 50% off, so I got it for $3.15. The Revlon Just Bitten Balm + Stains was 75% off, so I got it for $2.45. The Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss was supposed to be 50% off, but apparently there was a sale for all Covergirl Lip Perfection products to go for 6.99 with  $2 in CVS extrabucks. I didn't really mind it not really being clearance since that's almost 50% off anyway...
And if you really wanted to know, I bought Gold Emblem Select Vanilla Bean Coffee Cookies for $2.99.

So, have you hit up your local drugstores yet? What are you planning to or did you already pick up?

Edit: I went to Rite-Aid today, and found stuff marked for clearance. Sadly, all the good stuff was gone. :( Here's a look:

Pictured: Sally Hansen gel nail things

Pictured: All sold out Revlon lip products

Pictured: Not as empty display of more Revlon things.

Pictured: Select shades of Revlon nail polish

Pictured: L'Oreal stuff

Like I said before, all the good stuff was gone, so I headed to my CVS ( which is different from the one in the beginning of the post) and nothing was marked, but they were still on clearance! I scanned some balms, and they were 75% off!! I picked up all the available colors, except for the nude one.

Pictured: I went a little crazy.

Total: $5.75! Each one retails for 5.29, so it's like I got 4 for the price of one. Moral of story: Go price check the stuff a week ahead, be ahead of the game.

Edit: I now have a review of these, featuring almost all the colors! Check it out here.

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