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Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm - Swatches and a Review

Happy 2014, friends! Back in my Annual Clearance post, you may recall that I found the Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balms for 75% off. I happened upon them at several other CVS's, and I now own almost all the colors except for Nude n' Natural, which I didn't pick up because I don't do light nudes... and Made Me Blush, which I could not find ANYWHERE. It makes sense though, because it's a nice soft pink and seems to work for most people.

I'm afraid these are probably going to be discontinued, since they are on clearance and are featured in Sally Hansen Glam Packs, which are pretty much just a way to get rid of the stuff that the company knows no one really wants anymore, haha.

I'm sure the lip crayon packaging is reminiscent of the popular Revlon Balm Stains and the Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balms, however, don't believe these are balmy lip stains. As the actual name of the product implies, they are a tint + balm, meaning they are essentially a tinted lip balm in jumbo crayon form.

Pictured (Left to Right): In the Pink, Get Mauve'n, Happy Berry, Reddy for Anything, Spirited Spice, Health Nut, Pumped Up Plum, Blackberry Honey

Pictured: Swatches, 1 swipe (Blackberry Honey kinda looks like 2 swipes? Yeah I don't know about that sorry) in the same order.

Pictured: More swatches. I built up the first four from the left so you can see the color more. While doing so. I smudged the last two colors...whoops

Pictured: 10 In the Pink
While it looks nice in the tube, this is a very sheer and a very GLITTERY bright pink. My least favorite one out of all of them :l

Pictured: 20 Get Mauve'n
I thought mauve was supposed to be purple-y and clearly this is not purple-y. I would say it's a medium brown with a little peach although you probably can't see it.

Pictured: 25 Happy Berry
 This is a nice bright pink. That is all.

Pictured: 30 Reddy for Anything
A classic red with some glitter, if I recall correctly.

Pictured: 35 Spirited Spice
When swatched, looks pretty similar to Reddy for Anything, but maybe a bit pinker? I honestly have no idea.

Pictured: 40 Health Nut
A darker brown. Much darker and more pigmented than Get Mauve'n. 

Pictured: 45 Pumped Up Plum
This is so hard to describe. It's a deep, deep real life plum color maybe? If you have this and can tell me what color this is, that'd be fabulous.

Pictured: 50 Blackberry Honey
Looks like a dark purple-y brown.

Pictured: MORE swatches.
While I was writing this, I began swatching them again because I have no idea how to describe colors. I figured I might as well take a picture with my phone and show them.

Pictured: Tubes, in reverse order.

Now for an actual review... I can't say much about how hydrating it is...because I make sure my lips have balm or butter on it almost ALL THE TIME. If I had to guess, I say it would be a bit less hydrating than your average lip balm, but I really have no clue. I have no idea how this will perform when applied over chapped lips, but, given it's texture/consistency, I think it wouldn't exaggerate the chapped parts.

As for the tint, I like most of them. The first few colors are kinda sheer, which is why I built them up, and you'll have to do the same when applying to the lips if you want it to be visible. 

Overall, I am satisfied with this product. It provides a hint of color along with hydration AND the joy of having it in chubby lip crayon form uwu.
Edit: Now with lip swatches! And I guess an updated review/thoughts/info?
For all of these swatches, I went over my lips a bunch of times because I am ridiculous wanted you to see the color, but that's how much I usually put on anyway.
From top to bottom: Bare lips for reference, 10 In the Pink and 20 Get Mauve'n
10 In the Pink: I still stand by my previous opinion about in the pink. It is super glittery, super sheer, hardly pink (although if you wipe it off on a napkin, you will see it) and my least favorite. But if that's your thing, go for it.
20 Get Mauve'n: This one is all cream, no glitter. A nice light nude-ish color, but doesn't erase your lips (lol concealer lips).

From top to bottom: 25 Happy Berry, 30 Reddy for Anything, 35 Spirited Spice
25 Happy Berry: Again, a nice bright pink with hints of berry. A pretty everyday color in my opinion. This one does has glitter in it.
30 Reddy for Anything: A bright red and yes, it does have glitter in it.
35 Spirited Spice: This color is very hard to explain... I wanna say it's a very wearable pinky-orange, no glitter, all cream, yay. I will consult co-author Maggie about this since she does have this and is probably better at this than I am.
From top to bottom: Pictured: 40 Health Nut, 45 Pumped Up Plum, 50 Blackberry Honey
40 Health Nut: Get Mauve'n's darker cousin, and with glitter. Super pretty darker lip, in my opinion.
45 Pumped Up Plum: I know I said it looked like a real life plum color before? It did look weird/yellow??? on my hand, but on the lips, it really did look plummy, just not a complete purple plum. Again, a nice darker lip and doesn't have glitter.
50 Blackberry Honey: I'm just gonna repeat what I said before: Looks like a dark purple-y brown.
Overall, I still like these, even though I don't reach for them very often ^^; I still love the way they smell, but the reason why I don't grab them all the time is because I always reach for longer wearing products, and since this is a balm, it won't last that long. When applying, the heat of your lips melt it a little and make the balm SO CREAMY and that just makes me happy. Some colors I wish didn't have glitter, but alas, I will have to deal with it.
I realize that this post is basically useless since they're discontinued...but maybe if you spot them at a Dollar Tree or something and you wanna pick one up, I hope this post helps!


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